Monday, October 24, 2016




Epic is an understatement to describe internationally renowned electric violinist, Dennis Lau’s first ever large scale concert. The sold out event took place on the 22nd of October 2016 at Mega Star Arena featuring an impressive lineup of some of Malaysia’s top entertainers, it was a night filled with explosive performances and magic.

With Jennifer Thompson at the helm of the show’s production and Aubrey Suwito taking reigns as the musical director, ‘Dennis Lau took fans on his personal musical journey; where string met passion.

The concert featured original songs and popular covers with Dennis sharing the stage with his friends,  all familiar names in the industry including Ning Baizura, Syafinaz Selamat, Atilia Haron, Vince Chong , Soo Wincci, Jimmy Sax, and Koujee Beatbox; all of whom he has collaborated with in previous years. 

If there is one thing we took away from this night was that Dennis Lau does not discriminate. Not only did he collaborate with big household names, he took a chance and provided a platform for the next generation of artists such as Esmond Chong, Michael Leaner, and 8 year old Rhythmic Gymnast, Eva. 

The concert featured artists that not only showcased their vocals, but also dancers, speed painters (that completed a portrait in the same span as Dennis performing one song), a saxophonist, and a beat-boxer.

One of the highlights of the night was the unveiling of the Phoenix Violin, a masterpiece six years in the making. The journey started years ago when Dennis first saw the design of Wang Lee Hom’s custom-made ‘Dragon Guitar’, crafted by the renowned Irish instrument maker Alistair Hay.  

It was at that moment he realized, he needed to take his musical journey to new heights by collaborating with Alistair to create this grand masterpiece. This 23k gold-plated and peridot-studded, state-of-the-art carbon fiber violin weighs about 2kg and it features a pair of intricately designed wings that hugs snugly across his body, custom-made to fit only him.

Both Dennis and Alistair explored various concepts and finally decided on the phoenix as it represents many facets of Dennis: his Chinese heritage, fiery style of playing and the birth of his new musical journey. 

The choice of material, carbon fiber, was due to its lightness, strength and resonance. It’s not a material that many craftsmen know how to create with, but Alistair has much experience and knowledge with it.

On the subject of the Phoenix, “The phoenix is a respectably creature, known for renewal, strength and resistance which represent the path of my career. I envision new ways to inspire the younger generation in music and to showcase the diversity of the instrument. 

"It has come to a point where I need to bring my career to new heights and start nurturing and empowering younger music talents, by providing a platform and opportunity to flourish in the music industry.”

Dennis Lau is in love with music. And tonight, he shared that love with the world.

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